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John Stockton Biography - Assisted - Released Oct-29th

The release John Stockton’s autobiography “Assisted,” to the public on Tuesday, October 29th kick-starts a much anticipated week in Utah Jazzland that concludes with the Jazz tipping off the 2013-14 regular season Wednesday night against the Thunder at Energy Solutions Arena.

Two passionate Jazz writers were able to obtain advanced copies and for some terrific early insight into the book, check out reviews by Moni on Jazzfanatical and Diana on SLC Dunk. (UPDATE 10/29/13: Click HERE for a complete SLC Dunk review).

As someone who has an entire book shelf filled with Utah Jazz media guides, magazines and books (including useless items such as this), I would probably buy a grocery list if it was written by John Stockton. With that said, the early-reviews make me particularly excited for this rare glimpse into the life and career of one of the most unique personalities in NBA history.

Most NBA superstars have had their careers and lives documented and promoted by either themselves or others (Karl Malone for example has been featured in Beyond the Glory and Sportscentury documentaries) in some way, shape or form. For John Stockton, one of the most reserved and private superstars in all of professional sports, this book offers a rare public look into an often private professional career.

As a 6-1 point guard out of Gonzaga (back when very few outside of Washington had even heard of the Zags) who was cut from the 1984 Olympic basketball team and would go on to win two Olympic gold medals, face-off against the greatest player of all time in two NBA Finals, and play 19 NBA seasons in the NBA’s golden era where he became the league’s all-time leader in assists and steals – one can only imagine the collection of Stockton stories on tap.

While it’s highly doubtful Stockton will throw any former teammate under the bus the way many retired celebrities do to generate publicity and sell copies, the book still figures to be a gold mine of insight because Stockton has so often shied away from sharing his thoughts, memories and experiences to the public.

The “Forward” was written by Hall-of-Fame running-mate Karl Malone and co-authored by Kerry Pickett – Stockton’s grade-school coach in Spokane, Washington and apparent confident.

To see a cameo by Kerry Pickett, here is an “NBA on NBC” feature done profiling the off-court life and demeanor of John Stockton – which aired during the 1998-99 Postseason:

While the clip did include interviews with some of John’s closest friends and family from Spokane, in typical Stockton fashion there was no sit-down interview with John himself. As was so often the case throughout his 19-year NBA career, Stockton allowed everyone else to do the talking about him. He won’t be doing that with this book, and that’s precisely why you should buy it.

John Stockton’s “Assisted: An Autobiography” can be purchased here on Amazon.

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